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Are you feeling tired lately and wondering how to get that pep back in your step? You started the year with such vigour and grit, full of zesty determination and resolutions to make this the Year of You. And now… now that sense of leaden sluggishness has settled over you.

Well, you’re in luck! There are several things you can do to fight fatigue and feel more energised. That way, you can seize the day with all your newfound vitality.

Here are the best ways to unlock your inner energy and stop feeling so tired:

  1. Don’t skip exercise.
  2. Stay hydrated.
  3. Prioritise sleep.
  4. Eliminate stressors.
  5. Dump caffeine and alcohol.
  6. Eat smaller and more often.
  7. Reduce your screen time.
  8. Explore the outdoors.
  9. Keep moving.


1. Don’t Skip Exercise

I know; it seems counterintuitive. Wouldn’t exercising make you more tired?

As it turns out, the opposite is true!

Exercising is key to fighting fatigue. Because working out will improve how much energy you have throughout the day.

Plus, burning that extra fat off and building some muscle definition will bolster your confidence. And the more confident you feel, the more motivated you’ll be to stick with your routine and stay active.

Cardio especially is excellent at improving endurance. So, try to fit a daily jog or bike ride into your schedule.


2. Stay Hydrated

The quickest and most straightforward way to improve your energy levels is by drinking more water.

Studies indicate that dehydration can lead to feelings of fatigue. Not to mention it reduces cognitive functioning and may worsen your mood.

So, get in the habit of drinking several glasses of water daily. It’ll help you feel more energised throughout the day and help prevent headaches.

To make it easier for you to remember, consider keeping a large jug or bottle near you at home or at work.


Person asleep on bed

3. Prioritise Sleep

A good night’s rest is bound to improve your energy levels.

However, it’s not enough to get good sleep one night and then pull an all-nighter the next. You need to prioritise sleep and make getting enough of it a habit for the best results.

Studies show that a regular lack of sleep won’t only make you more tired; it also impairs your physical performance and makes everyday tasks more difficult.

For most people, seven to nine hours of sleep is adequate. And if you live a very active lifestyle, you’ll be on the longer end of that spectrum.

It’s okay to have a late night out once in a while. Although, it’s necessary to turn down those invitations to the pub sometimes too!


4. Eliminate Stressors

Stress and fatigue go hand in hand. So, if you want to find more vitality, start by identifying what causes you the most stress and anxiety.

If you find your heartbeat going up whenever a phone notification pops, consider keeping it on silent. Or, if you’ve been in a slump at work lately, take some time off so you can reset.

City noises like car horns and people shouting can also be a major stressor. So, consider soundproofing some rooms in your home if you live in a busy part of town.

Little things like those can go far in improving how energised you feel. 


5. Dump Caffeine and Alcohol

It’s probably the last thing you want to hear. But if you’re trying to fight tiredness, cutting alcohol and caffeine will definitely help.

Regular consumption of caffeine is linked with restlessness and insomnia—both of which are sure to hamper your ability to get proper rest.

Alcoholic beverages are even worse.

Their depressant qualities will make you feel drowsier. Plus, there are numerous ways alcohol disrupts your sleep and leaves you more tired in the morning.

Not to mention the hangover!

You don’t have to cut beer and wine entirely out. However, you should enjoy them only occasionally and in moderation.


6. Eat Little and Often

Do you find yourself hitting an energy slump waiting for dinnertime to roll around?

Then it’s time you start snacking!

Snacking throughout the day is an excellent way to buoy your vitality. Not to mention stave off hunger.

When we eat just two or three large meals, it can leave us feeling sluggish. After all, we all know that feeling of sleepiness after stuffing our faces at holiday dinner.

Meanwhile, eating the right foods periodically throughout the day prevents you from getting famished and increases your metabolism.

So, pack a few small snacks instead of one big lunch next time you head to work.


7. Reduce Your Screen Time

These days, it’s common for people to scroll through their phones before bed. However, you might be surprised just how much more tired that can make you.

It’s easy to stay up longer than you should when you have the internet at your fingertips. Which is why you should consider putting your phone away once you get in bed.

Not to mention the blue light produced by your phone reduces your melatonin production at night.

If you didn’t know, melatonin is a hormone your body makes to help sleep. And less of it means less rest, which in turn means more fatigue.


Two people sitting on blanket out in nature, reading a map, little dog nearby, edges of a tent framing the picture

8. Explore the Outdoors

Ah, the great outdoors! Some people love it, while others are fine just looking out their window.

Regardless of where you fall, heading outside is an excellent way to fight fatigue.

Research indicates that being in nature significantly increases our vitality. The tranquillity of bird songs and the breeze reinvigorate something deep inside us, a powerful kind of primal energy.

Although, you don’t need to go camping to reap these benefits.

Taking a simple stroll around a nearby park can be just as beneficial. And making a green space in your backyard to relax in is also an excellent idea.


9. Keep Moving

Are you catching yourself dozing off at your monitor during work?

If so, then it’s time to start moving!

Staying physically active is another effective method to stop feeling so tired. And that doesn’t necessarily mean you need to be doing exercises.

Getting up for an occasional stretch will ensure you stay awake and alert. As will taking a quick walk around the room or outside.

A great way to be active while staying in place is to use an exercise ball. Sitting on one while working keeps you focused by encouraging you to sit straight and maintain your balance.

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