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Person Lying In Foamy Water, Hands Up In Hair, Hard Water And Your Skin

Hard Water & Your Skin

Some people notice it on holiday. Some notice it when they move to a new city or region. Others never notice it at all. But the water in your area absolutely affects your skin and hair, whether or not you’ve…

Person With Healthy Skin Basking In Autumn Weather, Great Skincare

8 Ways to Tweak Your Skincare for Autumn

In the UK, sometimes it can feel like one long season instead of four. But that doesn’t stop you from reinventing your wardrobe every season, does it? No, just as you pack away your shorts and swimsuits when summer is…

Person Receiving Chemical Peel Has Face Washed By Medical Practitioner

The Lowdown: Chemical Peels

Even though most of us know it’s not the case, there’s still something that sounds a bit intimidating about a chemical peel. The idea can be daunting, it’s true, but a chemical peel is actually a marvellous procedure (if we…

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