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Medical Director – Dr Nathan Holt.

Over 30 years of aesthetic experience.

The most elite technologies and premium injectable products available.

We put your best interest first, ensure continuity of care and always offer maximum value.

To ensure medical safety a fully qualified Doctor or Nurse will always be on site during your procedure.

Welcome to The Body Work Clinic

Body Contouring and the Ageing Face are at the heart of our clinics focus.

We are a centre of excellence dedicated to achieving natural facial and body enhancement or transformation by adopting a holistic approach to treatment.

The Body Work Clinic is the sister company of Cambridge Laser Clinic, led by the hugely respected Dr Nathan Holt. Our qualified and experienced team has a vast amount of experience within the aesthetics industry and whilst all clinicians deliver the full range of treatments, each has an area of specialty they are particularly passionate about.

We understand that reaching your goals with body image can be challenging; and lack of time is amongst various other obstacles preventing accomplishment. We offer the tools you need to assist and accelerate the process.

Specialising in Body Contouring & the Ageing Face

The Body Work Clinic utilises a combination of the most renowned technologies available. These include Ultherapy, CoolSculpting, EMsculpt, Exilis Ultra 360 and with the addition of injectables, including anti-wrinkle treatment, dermal fillers and skin boosters. The injectables and technologies work in harmony with one another, impressively transforming naturally balanced features.

Specialising in Body Contouring and the Ageing Face, we offer a hub of excellence to accelerate your achievement of various and specific goals by means of delivering a bespoke treatment package. Whether that be a reduction in fat, increased muscle definition, tighter skin, less wrinkles or more facial definition.

Which Technology is right for you?

The use of both technology and injectables may be recommended in order to address opportunities for both body contouring and the ageing face.

We invite you to attend an in-person, interactive consultation to construct a bespoke package tailored to your individual needs combining the disciplines of art and science.


Fat Freezing


Build Muscle & Burn Fat

Exilis Ultra 360

Skin Tightening & Hot Sculpting


Skin Lifting, Tightening and Firming

Why choose The Body Work Clinic

We are a medically focused clinic and to ensure safety, a qualified Doctor or Nurse will always be on site throughout your procedure. We deliver the highest quality treatments and pride ourselves on maximising value for our clients.

We possess the most elite technologies available. We refuse to compromise on the quality of the technology at our disposal and have invested heavily in the latest “state of the art” equipment sourced from some of the world’s leading manufacturers. We have totally rejected inferior “low-cost” equipment imported from developing countries. Our technology is cleared by the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and has full CE clearance for Europe.

We are customer led and therefore no client treatment plan is ever the same. All treatment plans are tailored specifically to the individual needs of that person. Optimum results can be achieved by combining treatment options, enabling us to take advantage of the chosen procedures strengths but not be restricted by its weaknesses. We do not consider body contouring treatments to be ‘quick fix’ and we always encourage our clients to adopt and resume a healthy diet and regular exercise to maintain their body contouring results.

Our clinic never offers bonus incentives or commission to sell treatments, ensuring your best interests are always put first and ethical standards are always maintained.

We ensure that you are guided by the same practitioner through each step of your treatment resulting in the comfort of a familiar and friendly face during every visit to the clinic.

We treat you as an individual.

Take The Body Work Clinic Skin Quiz

The Body Work Clinic - Skin Quiz

At The Body Work Clinic, we are excited to introduce our latest initiative designed to revolutionise your skincare routine – the all-new ‘Skin Quiz’.

Why Take the Skin Quiz?

Your skin is unique, and we believe your skincare routine should be too! Our Skin Quiz is a personalised journey to discover the ideal products and regimen tailored just for you. By answering a few simple questions about your skin type, concerns, and lifestyle, our advanced algorithm will curate a customised plan to address your specific needs.

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