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Here are 6 proven ways to get in shape fast so you can go through this year feeling your best:

  1. Make your exercises HIIT.
  2. Aim for realistic goals.
  3. Maintain a good diet.
  4. Focus on multi-function exercises.
  5. Start slow then ramp up.
  6. Find external motivation.

Are you are feeling dissatisfied with your current physical shape and trying to find the best way to change that? By wanting to change you are already well on the way to getting in shape! Now you just need the techniques to do so. Let’s jump into the best ways to get in shape fast.


Make your exercises HIIT

High-intensity interval training or HIIT is a style of workout that has been incredibly effective for those trying to get in shape. This style of exercise is one of the best ways to get the most out of your time.

It differs from many standard workouts because it focuses on short intervals of exercising at your maximum effort. These high-intensity intervals are usually followed by rest periods. This pattern can be repeated for as many sets as you wish.

What makes this exercise style brilliant for anyone looking to get fit is that you don’t need gym equipment or a lot of time. You can do HIIT with any bodyweight exercise like sit-ups or push-ups wherever you are. No need to leave your home!

Since you work as hard as you can for short intervals you can squeeze a HIIT exercise in whenever you have a half-hour to spare.


Aim for realistic goals

This one may seem slightly counterproductive. After all, you want to push yourself to get in shape fast. However, it is easy to get discouraged when you set a goal and don’t see any progress.

Realistic goals can be improvements to your fitness or short-term goals. By setting goals that you can achieve in the short term you will be able to say that you’ve accomplished something that you wanted.

These goals can be as simple as being able to do more push-ups without resting. Achieving a goal like this is a great way to feel like you’re making progress. Weight management can be finicky so try to avoid setting weight-related goals for the short term.

This method does require you to have an honest understanding of your current fitness level which can be difficult. Don’t lose hope though! There are still four other techniques to build upon.


Maintain a good diet

Your diet has a huge impact on how effective working out will be. You may even find that by eating healthier you will feel better even if you don’t exercise.

The specific diet you follow is up to you. There are plenty out there that have various benefits. Choose one that works best for you. That said, I have some general guidelines to get you started.

First, look for a high protein diet. Following a high protein diet will improve your metabolism which helps burn calories. It will also help you build muscle. Beyond making you feel better, muscle is also great at burning even more calories.

Second, stay away from excessive amounts of sugar, caffeine, and alcohol. While they are fine in moderation, each one will be harmful in excess. Avoid sugar if you are trying to lose weight.

Thirdly, drink more water! While there is such a thing as drinking too much water, you likely won’t get there. Drinking an appropriate amount of water will make you feel and look better.


Person exercising in the gym to keep in shape

Focus on multi-function exercises

Getting in shape fast requires some efficiency. Pick exercises that work multiple muscle groups when you’re doing your high-intensity interval training. This will allow you to develop muscle throughout your body.

If you focus too much on specific muscles, the others can become neglected. Muscles are interdependent and will suffer if you only work on a few specifically.

This will also provide the benefit of exercising more muscles in less time. Those of us who lead rather busy lives are still able to get fit if we focus on these exercises.

These types of exercises can either be multi-step like burpees or are compound movements like squats. Other good exercises include planks, deadlifts, wall sits, and push-ups.


Start slow then ramp up

Just like when setting realistic goals you should start small before trying something big. This is especially true if you are just starting to work out. It just makes sense. You won’t be able to start with a triathlon.

Where you start will vary greatly depending on your fitness level. It doesn’t matter if you’re only able to do one push up as long as you get started and keep at it. One will turn into two and so on until you’re where you want to be.

If you start with too much you are likely to hurt yourself. Not only is this discouraging it can take away from your physical health. Overdoing even if you don’t hurt yourself isn’t helpful either.

You may feel inclined to take it easy the next couple of days since you’re so sore. This makes it harder to get into a sustainable routine.


Find external motivation

Lastly, you should find some way to stay motivated that doesn’t come from yourself. This isn’t to say that self-motivation isn’t important. Just that you should find a backup for when you just can’t push yourself to work out.

Even the most motivated person will have their off days when they just don’t want to exercise. When this happens, it is very helpful to have some other reason to do it.

This external motivation can come from anywhere. One common source is when you are motivated by the commitment of a friend exercising with you. Try to get a friend or group of friends to work out with you.

Motivation can also come from a personal trainer or a class at a gym. Wherever you find your motivation stick to it!

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