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Botox is an aesthetic treatment that reduces the appearance of wrinkles, resulting in a more
youthful look.

At The Body Work Clinic, we use Allergan’s Botox. Botox is FDA approved for the three
most common treatment areas in aesthetics (the upper face), was the first neurotoxin
approved for aesthetic use, and has more than 500 peer-reviewed articles.

One of the most commonly asked questions we receive at The Body Work Clinic is, ‘is it ok
to exercise after Botox injections?’. Fortunately, we have created this guide to help clients
understand the do’s and don’ts when it comes to Botox and exercising.

Why is exercising after Botox injections not advised?

After your Botox treatment, your practitioner will advise you to abstain from strenuous
physical exercise for 24-48 hours. This is because adding pressure to the site of injection
can cause Botox to migrate. Strenuous exercise raises blood pressure which puts a lot of
pressure on small blood vessels in the face. It is likely these small blood vessels suffered
insult during your procedure which means they are more prone to bleeding under pressure
until your Botox has settled.

You are also advised not to touch your face for at least 4 hours after the procedure as this
can also alter the results. It will also help to reduce any discomfort and pain. When
exercising, you will produce sweat which you would automatically wipe away. After Botox
injections, wiping the area can cause sensitivity and migration. Some sports, such as
swimming or cycling, often require caps and helmets to be worn, which can also affect the
final result of your procedure.

Vigorous exercise increases the blood flow around your body. Whilst this is good internally,
it’s not good for your new Botox injections. Rapid blood flow can result in diffusion away from
the injection site. If your Botox is in one specific place, such as around the eyes, strenuous
exercise can cause temporary paralysis to other areas of the face if the Botox diffuses.
Whilst it can then seem tempting to opt for lower impact exercises such as yoga, this can
also cause diffusion and migration due to changes in position and time spent in inverted
poses. It is not just body strain we advise against but also facial strain.

Immediately after your Botox injections, we recommend keeping upright for the first 4 hours
of treatment and gently exercising your face through expressions. This means no physical
exercise and no touching of the face.

Maintaining a normal heart rate will allow your Botox to settle into place producing the
desired results.

Can I move my face after Botox injections?

Whilst it can be a bit difficult to avoid workouts, especially if you are a fitness fanatic, you
don’t have to stop exercising entirely.

Instead, your practitioner at The Body Work Clinic will advise you to move your face
frequently after your procedure is complete. This means smiling, frowning, and raising your
eyebrows, all without touching the area. Many studies have shown the benefits that facial
movements after Botox can provide including speeding up the results.

We know it can feel a little silly trying out these expressions, but it will help your Botox
injections work to the best of their ability without any strenuous movement to the body or
face. Lots of people choose to get Botox during their lunch break from work so that they can
return to the office and sit upright for the rest of the afternoon with minimal movement.

Is exercise the only thing I have to avoid after receiving Botox injections?

Exercise is definitely one of the most advised against activities after Botox, but your
practitioner will also discuss what other activities you should avoid.

Below are further examples:

● Immediately lying down
● Drinking alcohol
● Wearing makeup
● Sleeping face-down
● Exposing yourself to high heat and direct sunlight
● Exposing yourself to cold temperatures and environments
● Flying
● Getting a facial
● Getting a spray tan
● Using a sunbed
● Wearing a shower cap
● Getting your eyebrows waxed or threaded
● Getting any other aesthetic treatments for at least 2 weeks

What will happen if I exercise?

Engaging in strenuous exercise immediately after your Botox injections can cause you to
experience a range of side effects. Whilst it is not very common to experience side effects,
ignoring advice from your practitioner will make it more likely for you to experience them.

If you experience any of the following, you should seek medical attention immediately:

● Rash
● Swollen eyes
● Hives
● Increased pain
● Muscle weakness in an area that hasn’t been injected
● Increased swelling a few days after the procedure
● Blistering
● Dizziness and feeling faint
● Double vision

These side effects are not guaranteed after exercise, though it is advised you follow
professional advice to get the most out of your procedure and to avoid any unpleasant

Some patients are also more susceptible to bruising after receiving Botox, which exercise
can further exacerbate.

As with any procedure at The Body Work Clinic, our team will advise you on aftercare and
work directly with you to produce treatment plans tailored to your needs.

Get in touch with The Body Work Clinic today

If you’ve been wanting to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines but don’t know
where to begin, call our team today on 012223 455144.

Botox is a very popular treatment method, and for good reason! With no downtime required,
it only takes a few days to see the final results.

Whilst it may be difficult to stay away from the gym for a day or two, the results are worth it
and can help you feel confident in your skin. If nothing else, why not consider it a well-
earned rest day? Avoiding exercise for at least 24 hours will help you to achieve younger-
looking, smoother skin and receive the optimal results from your Botox injections.

For youthful, radiant skin, choose The Body Work Clinic. Our team has years of experience
in the aesthetics industry and will work with you to achieve your goals.

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