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Exilis Ultra 360
Skin Tightening & Hot Sculpting

The Exilis Ultra 360 can be used anywhere on the face or body and is the ideal choice for clients with unwanted loose skin, as well as, small pockets of unwanted fat. This contouring device uniquely delivers RF and HIFU energy superficially or deeply into the skin. Superficial distribution solely tightens lax skin on the face or body, by boosting collagen up to 288%, without destroying any fat cells. Superficial penetration of energy is always used when treating the face; as it protects the subcutaneous fat cushion, allowing the face to remain plump in appearance, whilst tightening the skin; resulting in softened lines and wrinkles by 42%. When treating areas of the body, superficial distribution is used purely for skin tightening, however, if unwanted small pockets of fat are a concern then deep penetration is required. This advanced setting thermally destroys fat cells (Hot Sculpting) whilst simultaneously tightening loose skin. Utilising the technology’s capabilities, scientific studies have found that treatment on the abdomen results in a 4cm reduction in abdominal circumference on average.

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